Aammiin Accounting and Consulting

Sarah Gamar
Senior IT, ERP, Cloud Solutions Consultant

  • Possesses over twenty years of IT experience coupled with extensive knowledge of current up and coming technology allowing for the proposal of best-suited solutions.
  • Most passionate in implementing Higher Education IT solutions suited for third-world and developing countries where the impact is the greatest.
  • Extraordinary ability to focus on business requirements and matching them to the Technology best suited to meet the need.
  • Implemented solutions in education, government, and private sector; in first-world, developing and third-world countries, spanning three contents.
  • A creative visionary able to take projects from the pitch through implementation, delivery and knowledge transfer.

Core Knowledge Area

  • Setup of
    • Software As a Service
    • Virtual Private Cloud
    • File Sharing Systems
    • Dynamic Bilingual sites including (right to left) languages
    • ERP Systems (Human Capital Management)
    • Payroll Systems
    • Invoicing Systems
    • Higher Education Student Record systems
    • eLearning Management Systems
    • System Security (Local, Cloud, Hybrid and Integration Tools)
  • Automation Languages
    • ASP.NET, JavaScript, PHP, Python, JavaScript, SQL Query
  • Soft Skills
    • Great Communicator
    • Clear Presentation
    • Creation of buying
    • Adaptable
    • Critical Thinker
    • Cultural Sensitivity